During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the world’s population has experienced a period of isolation that has wide-ranging impacts on individuals and communities. The collection of work for the ISOLATION exhibition focuses on the feelings of artists and the subsequential work that expresses their emotions during isolation.

In the explicit narrative attached to the work, artists talk of fear, loneliness, anger and concern for the future. Some discuss mental health issues, with depression and anxiety being common. In the implicit narrative, there is depth and complexity in the messages, with an apparent confusion and many changing feelings emerging. 

Emerging from the gloom we can see some hope, optimism and the greater freedom for exagerrated creativity. The polluted world is healing, communities are growing stronger and we are at last caring for the elderly. 

Among the complexity of emotions expressed in this collection, we will see a reflection of our own feelings. ISOLATION is a mirror to our feelings from a pandemic.


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